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New name, same program

Previously known as the California Environmental Health Tracking Program, we now have a new name:  Tracking California. And a new tagline: Informing Action for Healthier Communities.

Our work, however, remains the same: by mobilizing data to identify and understand pollution and disease, we're helping Californians take action to create healthier communities, We've shortened our name and added the tagline to better describe why and how we do what we do.

We "track" or compile and analyze data about public health and the environment in order to protect California communities. One of our core values is that of health equity - we work to ensure that all Californians, regardless of location, identity, or income, have the opportunity to live in healthy communities protected from environmental hazards.  To achieve this goal, we help community groups, government agencies, researchers, and health advocates shine a spotlight on environmental hazards and other factors that may be impacting community health.